Friday, February 17, 2006

Blood is Back

Bill Blood -- from the comments section:

hello snark and snarkers and snark-fag-lollis-cum-prep
-brownies, blood sees a mountain ant-astir-- hast thou all forgotten your'n long wish of folding pink unto pink unt pummeling? there is true indecency of spirit here-- wasted zhan/zhan post-nagano stylings of mind and wasted skates-- anorexic of the norman orchard sixteen year olds grappling with baytrail kkk methods in yearbooks. blood has seen sadness shaped like a bead of silicon sealant and seen it sealing a mouth of wonder... hast thou'n all'n seen wonder so shut? has't thou'n lost your keys? Unt wass iss'st zis rigmarole ? Iss'sst iss'st nacht unt oppoortunity fur und mondscheiner key to twist zurlion flesh? I see a mountain top astir with clouds, I see a pale green horse running from the nineteen seventies monobrow, I find difficulty logging my comments, it is hard to read wavy letters and to not feel an overwhelming sense of sadness, spreading the tablecloth, setting the table calling out 1,2,3 UNT yanking the table cloth away. Here the glasses stand, the cutlery und gravy boat, the cake of butter carved into a weeping yellow swan on a TABLE not of ice but of photographed ice, a layer of spray painted ice beneath the real clear layer of ice... frauds are brushes mechanically moved, killing poor blood, sweeping his/her hair back, back unto the center of its back... dogs don't do drugs, they are already on drugs. Why must you put me in my animal head? why must you tilt my head back to see me, changling, dying

Blood chats a suck-of-deer
Sucks it all afield
Carpathians, dynastic rock
645 b.c.e


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